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Darién Gap

The Darién Gap (UK: /ˈdɛəriən, ˈdær-/, US: /ˌdɛəriˈɛn, ˌdɑːr-, dɑːrˈjɛn/, Spanish: Tapón del Darién [t̪a'põn ˈd̪el daˈɾjen], literally "Darién plug")

The Pan-American Highway is a 19,000-mile road route ranging from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. The route is continuous save for only 66 miles around the Panamanian and Colombian border; the Darién Gap. It is a remote area without roads and thus remains an unspoilt, untamed, hazardous, mountainous jungle. It has only been crossed by a handful of overland expeditions over the years and is still largely uncharted.

We see a void between the uncharted cryptocurrency space and the established technical, taxation, and regulatory frameworks of today. We bridge this gap for our clients using collective knowledge, experience, and intuition.

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Our Expertise

We're not just "bitcoin" accountants but a team of professionals personally invested within the space. We're a bunch of DeFi & ReFi degens, Web3 Contributors, DAO Participants, NFT collectors, and P2E gamers. Our team is paid in crypto, holds multiple wallets, and loves going down the rabbit hole.


We have collective years of trial & error, data massaging, and working with Cointracking, our primary tool. We build API data pulls where needed, but are unashamed of data exports and old fashioned excel. It never gets easier, we are just more ready to handle what complication is thrown our way.


Our team brings personal understanding and experience of more complex events to provide qualitative guidance where there is a lack of formal, agency guidance. Events such as: NFTs, Play2Earn, Wrapping/Bridging, Liquidity Pools/Farming, Staking, Validating, Mining, Rebasing, DAOs, Derivatives, Lending, Auto-compounding.


We count on a depth of clients across broad reaches of crypto:

  • "Mom and pop" investors & DeFi/NFT Degen
  • Investment funds, family offices, and joint venture

  • Web3 Contributors and DAO members

  • Validators, Miners, Node Operators, DApps & Protocols

  • NFT Content Creators

  • Play2Earn Projects & Gamers

  • Regenerative Finance (ReFi)

Our Story

Darien Advisors was founded by two former start-up colleagues with common passions in cryptocurrency, DeFi, Web3, and broader decentralization. Our firm was born out of common frustrations we and other cryptocurrency investors face: an inherently complex tax and regulatory environment, a continually evolving ecosystem, and a fundamental lack of human touch and understanding.


We aim to bridge that gap for our clients by combining our collective experience, knowledge, and intuition from multiple years working within the space.

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Cameron Browne

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Cameron is a Partner at Darien Advisors. He is a CPA with over 12 years of experience working in public accounting, start-ups, fintech, & with small business owners & individuals at his B Corp accounting firm, Browne Tax & Advisory SPC. He's been supporting businesses & individuals since 2016 with their cryptocurrency accounting, taxes, & compliance for activities such as trading, mining/validating, DeFi, & NFT's.

Efficiency, Transparency, & Confirmability. An auditor's dream & what first attracted Cameron to the blockchain in 2015 while working in contract compliance at KPMG. Since then, that attraction has solidified into a firm belief that Web3, DeFi, & the broader cryptocurrency movement is a generational opportunity for financial inclusion, democratization, & capital for a greener, decentralized, privacy-centric, sovereign 🌎.

What does Cameron jam on? DeFi on Ethereum/EVMs, Cosmos and IBC, Regenerative Finance (ReFI), and the better world blockchain movement.

Education: Cameron is a Washington state licensed Certified Public Accountant (#35694) and has a BBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Iowa.

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Faisal Baeshean

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Faisal is a Partner at Darien Advisors. He is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience working in fintech and start-ups leading operations and managing teams. He bought his first BTC in 2016 and hasn’t looked back. Since then his crypto passion and experience grew and he's immersed himself in multiple angles within the space.

Resourceful, Tech-savvy, and a Contrarian. In his spare time, he manages family and friends' crypto funds and holdings, advises several NFT/blockchain projects, and he manages the community of a Minecraft-based game on the blockchain.

What does Faisal jam on? Bitcoin, NFTs, Metaverse, and buying digital plots of land. He is also a fan of Cosmos and its respective ecosystem.


Education: Faisal has an MSc in Management from London’s Imperial College Business School and BA in Political Economy from George Washington University.


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