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Continuing Our Partnership with Opolis for the 2024 Tax Season

As we enter our second year of partnership with Opolis, we're delighted to offer Coop members preferred pricing on S Corporation tax preparation and filing. Plus, enjoy a 10% discount on our range of services with Referral Code: OPTR24

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 S Corp Tax Returns

If you’re an S Corporation, it’s important to note that your income tax returns are due by March 15th of each year (September 15th with extension). Our team can assist you with preparing and filing Form 1120-S, related state filings, and even help you make the S Corp election if you missed the deadline. Don’t stress about tax season - let us handle the details for you.

This includes:

  • Preparation of the S Corporation Tax Return package which includes Form 1120-S, related state returns, and form K-1

  • Electronic filing of federal tax return to IRS

  • Electronic filing of state tax return(s) to the relevant state authorities (if applicable)


  • Federal Filing Only: $675*

  • Federal Filing + 1 State: $750*

  • Federal + Multiple States: Contact us

  • Referral Code: OPTR24

* Please note that cryptocurrency tax reporting, financial statement preparation (profit & loss/balance sheet) are not included in our standard preparation and filing service. You can find more details about our cryptocurrency tax packages and full service list on our Services page.

If you do choose to engage in additional services beyond S Corporation tax preparation and filing, we will happily apply a 10% discount off our normal pricing.

How It Works

Book a free consultation

You’ll be asked a few questions to help us structure our working relationship.



Provide Referral Code

Use referral code: OPTR24


Let the journey begin

You’ll choose how we move forward with the services you need to get settled.

S-Corp Filing and Beyond:

Darien Advisors & Opolis Partnership

A Comprehensive Partnership Since 2023
Since 2023, Darien Advisors has been a pivotal partner to Opolis, offering not just specialized S-Corp filing services but also extending our expertise in areas like Crypto tax reconciliation and accounting/bookkeeping. Our collaboration has empowered over 100 Opolis members, showcasing our versatility and commitment to addressing a wide range of financial needs.

Tailored Financial Solutions for Opolis Members

  • Customized S-Corp Filing: We provide personalized S-Corp filing services, understanding each Opolis member’s unique financial situation.

  • Expertise in Crypto Tax Reconciliation: For those navigating the complexities of cryptocurrency, our team offers expert guidance in crypto tax reconciliation, ensuring compliance and optimization.

  • Comprehensive Accounting/Bookkeeping: Beyond tax services, we offer thorough accounting and bookkeeping support, helping Opolis members maintain financial clarity and control.

Why Choose Darien Advisors

  • Adaptable and Informed: Our team is not only well-versed in the latest tax laws but also adept at handling the dynamic nature of crypto taxation and financial management.

  • Personalized Approach: We believe in a personalized touch for each member, ensuring that every financial strategy is tailored to individual goals and circumstances.

  • A Growing, Evolving Partnership: As we continue our journey with Opolis into our second year, our partnership strengthens, reflecting our shared dedication to the success of independent professionals.

Referral Code: OPTR24

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it include?

This includes tax preparation and compliance for your S Corporation. It assumes you will provide us with financial statements and applicable cryptocurrency gain/loss/income reports to include in the return.  It does not include any advisory or tax planning work, but we're happy to address tax questions via email, discord, and our client portal.

How does your pricing work?

The prices above cover S Corporation tax preparation and filing only and is based upon time & efforts, our third party service provider costs, as well as the group discount worked out with Opolis.

How does the discount work?

We offer flat rates for S Corp prep and filing and a 10% discount to every Opolis member on all other services. You will need to input the referral code in the form when you book a call or make sure to let us know on the call (if you forget to add during booking). Referral Code: OPTR24

How do you communicate with clients?

We'll default to email as our primary method, but also offer a private Discord channel for each of our clients. For all video calls we use Google or Zoom. No phones though.

Schedule a free consultation call

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