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Crypto Key Words - February 7

Here are our top key words of the week.

Byzantine fault tolerance: Byzantine fault tolerance is the ability of a computing system to cope with the questionable reliability of data caused by the > Byzantine fault.

Central ledger: A central ledger is a single principal repository that keeps records of transactions of an entity and is typically controlled by a single person or a narrowly defined group of individuals.

Circulating supply: The circulating supply is the amount of coins that are circulating in the market, i.e. which are in the general public's hand; if tokens are > pre-mined the circulating supply will equal to the hard cap after > ICO.

Consensus mechanism: A consensus mechanism describes the actions necessary to achieve agreement on data in distributed systems.

First-mover advantage (FMA): A first-mover advantage is the advantage a business gains by being the first significant player to enter a new market or market segment, leading to higher revenues and profits over time.

Immutability: a feature of data stored on the blockchain. Hence, the blockchain contains a history of transactions which is typically permanent, in-erasable, and unalterable history of transactions. Immutability can be threatened by extraordinary events, such as > 51% attacks.

What words are you adding to your vocab? Let us know in the comments!

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