Alex Walton

Account Manager & Sales

Alex is Darien Advisors' latest hire - he will be managing Sales and Account Management. He is a recent graduate of DePauw University where he studied Economics and wrote a thesis on Blockchain and Real Estate. Alex has been in the blockchain space since 2017 and sees Web3 as the next evolution to our Digital world. Alex also has a real estate license in two different states and is an avid supporter of F1.

What does Alex jam on? Big brands diving into NFTs, sustainable and eco-friendly crypto tokens and blockchain projects looking to advance the human cause.

Education: Alex has a Bachelor of Arts from DePauw University and a real estate license in Connecticut and Illinois.

Currently: Living in the loop in Chicago with his Aussiedoodle Sterling.

Past: Has lived/studied/worked in New York City, London, Indianapolis

Alex Walton