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Lauri Schiavoni

Junior Accountant

Lauri has worked for small and medium-sized companies for 10 years in Business Sales, Logistics and Operations. Lauri is a problem solver with a high level of (contagious) positive energy, she is motivated by satisfying clients and building an environment centered around teamwork. Her solid customer service and years of experience, have been highly influential throughout her career and have allowed her to successfully run her own business consulting firm.

What does Lauri jam on? Always curious about new things, she was an early adopter of crypto and encourages many people to explore this exciting new world. She is a lover of mate (a popular drink in Argentina), family, and friends. Lauri is also a nomad artist, combining remote work with jewelry making and interior design.

Education: Lauri has a bachelor's degree in Business and Management from Universidad Nacional de Rosario.

Lauri Schiavoni
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