Darién Advisors,
crypto advisory.

Providing comprehensive guidance to navigate the new frontier.


Our approach

We are an efficient, human-focused advisory firm employing industry-leading tools and facilitating a deeper client connection. We leverage several years of experience working in tech, finance, accounting, and tax to negotiate the cryptocurrency landscape.

We exercise good judgment as we provide reasoned, objective, and critical recommendations to our clients balancing the existing framework with an evolving ecosystem. This necessitates exploring, understanding, and adapting to bridge the gap.


Demystifying cryptocurrency taxes

Darién Advisors clarifies cryptocurrency tax compliance by automating reporting and management, maneuvering complex transactions, and ensuring you’ve met all applicable filing requirements to stay on the right side of the tax authorities.

We understand that cryptocurrency is just one facet of your personal financial situation and thus provide holistic solutions to handle personal, business, and cryptocurrency taxes. We can also support your existing CPA to manage the cryptocurrency piece of your taxes.


Our Services

Tax and Compliance

Preparation and filing, strategizing, structuring, representation, penalty & notice support

Technology, Systems & Risk Management

Provisioning, implementation, set-up, coaching and training, best practices, security, operations.

Portfolio Management, Accounting & Reporting

Portfolio reporting, reconciliations, and management. Automated and manual.


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