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Employment Services

Opolis is a groundbreaking workforce management platform that utilizes blockchain technology to provide independent professionals with comprehensive employment-related services. By leveraging blockchain, Opolis empowers freelancers to exercise self-sovereign employment, enabling them to seamlessly manage benefits, taxes, and compliance. In response to the evolving nature of work in the digital age, Opolis offers a transformative solution that empowers individuals to take control of their employment status and navigate the complexities of the modern workforce.





Our Partnership

A Comprehensive Partnership Since 2023

Since 2023, Darien Advisors has been a pivotal partner to Opolis, offering not just specialized S-Corp filing services but also extending our expertise in areas like Crypto tax reconciliation and accounting/bookkeeping. Our collaboration has empowered over 100 Opolis members, showcasing our versatility and commitment to addressing a wide range of financial needs.

Customized S-Corp Filing for Opolis Members: We provide personalized S-Corp filing services, understanding each Opolis member’s unique financial situation.

This includes:

  • Preparation of the S Corporation Tax Return package which includes Form 1120-S, related state returns, and form K-1

  • Electronic filing of federal tax return to IRS

  • Electronic filing of state tax return(s) to the relevant state authorities (if applicable)


  • Federal Filing Only: $675*

  • Federal Filing + 1 State: $750*

  • Federal + Multiple States: Contact us

* Please note that cryptocurrency tax reporting, financial statement preparation (profit & loss/balance sheet) are not included in our standard preparation and filing service.

Plus a 10% discount on all our other services.

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