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Take your practice
to the next level with cryptocurrency tax experts

Darien Advisors gives you a dedicated crypto tax advisor supported by a team of in-house experts. We're here to handle the complex tax reporting and advisory work for your clients with specific cryptocurrency needs.

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Darien Advisors Professional is a fit for:


Accountants & CPAs


Tax Professionals


Financial Advisors



Why partner with Darien Advisors?

Expanding your practice

Expand your practice by offering cryptocurrency tax reporting to your clients. No need to deal with managing extra staff, or the headache of hiring. We’ll take on the cryptocurrency tax component, while providing a 10% discount for every signed client you send our way.

Leave the heavy lifting to us

We've made cryptocurrency and Web3 compliance our day jobs and know it isn't for everyone.  Rather than you or your client stumbling through and preparing reports with less confidence - let us reconcile their activities, suss out the unclear nature of cryptocurrency events, and help reduce the risk of any potential audits.

Powerful cryptocurrency reporting software

We can generate the tax reports such as Form 8949, income report, gift/donation report, lost/stolen report, fees report, & closing position report - perfect for tax planning and filing.  We support a wide variety of different tax software platforms including TaxACT, TurboTax and Drake. We can also save your data as a CSV or PDF file or export directly to Excel for those that aren't directly supported.

How It Works


Get setup

Book a call with our Partner team. We’ll work with you to learn how we can best support your practice.


Introduce your clients

You make the introduction and we’ll take it from there. Your clients get a dedicated partner, and we’ll handle the communication.


Expand you practice

Focus on what your practice does best and let us handle the cryptocurrency bits.

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Browne Tax & Advisory is a boutique consulting firm servicing small to medium sized businesses and individuals with their tax and specialized accounting needs. 



A Community for Accountants, Tax Preparers, Astute Investors, and Crypto Industry Professionals.  CCFOs allows accounting professionals to unlock the power of community to grow their practice. With access to expert thought leaders, comprehensive training and educational content, and systems built to help them succeed.

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Olson Legal

Olson Legal crypto is a legal firm that specializes in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. They provide comprehensive legal services to businesses and individuals navigating the complex crypto regulatory landscape. 

Our Featured Partners

Our Expertise

We're not just "bitcoin" accountants but a team of professionals personally invested within the space.   We have collective years of trial & error, data massaging, and working with Cointracking, our primary tool. We build API data pulls where needed, but are unashamed of data exports and old fashioned excel.

Our team brings personal understanding and experience of more complex events to provide qualitative guidance where there is a lack of formal, agency guidance. Events such as: NFTs, Play2Earn, Wrapping/Bridging, Liquidity Pools/Farming, Staking, Validating, Mining, Rebasing, DAOs, Derivatives, Lending, Auto-compounding.  We're a bunch of DeFi & ReFi degens, Web3 Contributors, DAO Participants, NFT collectors, and P2E gamers. Our team is paid in crypto, holds multiple wallets, and loves going down the rabbit hole. It never gets easier, we are just more ready to handle what complication is thrown our way.


This is why we are trusted by over 500 clients.

We count on a depth of clients across broad reaches of crypto:

  • "Mom and pop" investors & DeFi/NFT Degen
  • Investment funds, family offices, and joint venture

  • Web3 Contributors and DAO members

  • Validators, Miners, Node Operators, DApps & Protocols

  • NFT Content Creators

  • Play2Earn Projects & Gamers

  • Regenerative Finance (ReFi)

Tax Softwares We Support

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It was becoming clear that I needed more guidance and expertise than the typical CPA could offer, especially in regards to crypto. After one zoom call with Darien Advisors, I left my previous tax company of 10 years and haven't looked back.

Patrick Lawler

NFT Artist & Collector


I was so happy I went with Faisal and Cameron at Darien Advisors. Tax reporting was a main concern of mine when I started getting into crypto but they made life a lot easier and especially the one of my existing CPA.

Karin A.

Individual Investor

Frequently Asked Questions

What reports do you provide?

We'll generate a standard Form 8949, income report, gift/donation report, lost/stolen report, fees report, & closing position report. We support a variety of different tax software platforms including TaxACT, TurboTax and Drake. We can also save your data as a CSV or PDF file or export directly to Excel for those that aren't supported.

What cryptocurrency tax software do you use?

We use several tools (Koinly, Accounting, Cointracker) & services (ApeBoard, Zapper, Block explorers), but our preferred tool is We provision each one of our clients with a Cointracking account which is included in our standard fees.

How do you communicate with clients?

Totally up to you! We prefer to work directly with them given the technical nature of our procedures and established workflows. However we can offer a white-label solution for those that are interested - just let us know!

Do you have clients who already have a CPA relationship?

Of course! Many of our clients have established CPA relationships & we understand that cryptocurrency is just one facet of their financial situation.

How long does does it take to get the crypto tax reports?

Once the client provided us with all wallet addresses & API keys, we commit to complete within 4 - 8 weeks, pending the complexity of their situation cooperation. After onboarding & importing we should have a better estimate to address any surprises. Should we find anything that requires additional attention, we'll have a discussion as to next steps and how to address.

How does the discount work?

We offer a 10% discount to every client of yours that signs up for our services. It will be at your discretion to either keep it as a referral fee or pass it along to your client. 

How does your pricing work?

We have 3 packages for cryptocurrency tax reporting. Starter starting at $750, Plus starting at $1500 and Pro starting at $2,500+. You can find more details about our packages and full service list on our Services page. 

Do you service international clients (non-US)?

We primarily service the US & UK markets, but are expanding into the commonwealth (CA/AUS/NZ). Our software allows us to generate tax reports for most countries, so we would be happy to find a way to work together if you're outside our main practice areas and have an existing relationship with an accountant/CPA/CA in your country that can file.

Questions about our Partners program?

Schedule a call with our Partner team and we’ll give you the full run-down on how partnering with us works. Once you’re onboard, we’ll set you up with everything you need.

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