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This Week in the News - November 28th

  1. A Top Senate Democrat pressed Coinbase, Binance and other top crypto exchanges to explain how they go about protecting customers in the event of financial calamity amidst the collapse of FTX. (source)

  2. Fidelity has launched their new crypto trading accounts! Despite pushback from U.S. lawmakers, the investment giant is plunging forward! (source)

  3. In light of the ongoing turmoil the market is facing, DeFi protocols are beginning to implement new safety measures– The lending protocols have implemented new security measures to block attacks after an attempted short squeeze last week.(source)

  4. Solana centered crypto wallets (Phantom) are expanding to support both Ethereum and Polygon! (source)

  5. Secret Network Crypto Transactions Not So Secret After All–Secret Network was supposed to keep transactions private, but researchers warn there’s no telling how many people have decrypted them. (source)

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