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Trusts & Estate Planning with Crypto Assets

What We Do

We specialize in integrating cryptocurrency assets into traditional estate planning structures. Our team assists in creating trusts, wills, and other estate planning tools that encompass digital assets, ensuring a seamless transition of wealth and compliance with evolving regulations.

Why Choose Us

Cryptocurrency presents unique challenges in the realm of estate planning. Our deep understanding of both traditional estate structures and the intricacies of digital assets positions us perfectly to bridge this gap. We ensure that your digital legacy is protected, accessible, and passed on according to your wishes.

Who Works With Us

- Individuals looking to integrate crypto assets into their estate plans

- Families with significant crypto holdings

- Legal professionals seeking expertise in crypto estate planning

Our Services

- Drafting of wills and trusts that include cryptocurrency assets

- Guidance on regulatory and tax implications of passing on digital assets

- Strategies for secure and accessible storage of crypto assets for beneficiaries

- Advisory on charitable giving using cryptocurrency

Clients Include


"Ensuring my digital assets were properly integrated into my estate plan was a concern until I worked with Darien Advisors. Their expertise gave me peace of mind." - [Client Name]

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