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What We Do

Darien Advisors is at the nexus of traditional finance and the burgeoning Web3.0 ecosystem. We offer specialized advisory and tax services for entities and individuals operating within this space, encompassing DAOs, Web3 contributors, protocol developers, and more. Our team aids in navigating the intricate financial landscapes of decentralized platforms, ensuring compliance, and optimizing financial operations in a decentralized world.

Why Choose Us

Web3.0 is not just a technological shift; it's a paradigm change in how we perceive and interact with the digital realm. Our team is not only well-versed in its technicalities but is also actively involved in the Web3 community. We understand the ethos, the challenges, and the potential of Web3. By partnering with us, you're aligning with a team that's at the cutting edge, ensuring that you're always a step ahead in this rapidly evolving domain.

Who Works With Us

- DAOs, BORGs, and Foundations

- Start-ups and other ventures

- Web3 Contributors and DAOists

- Protocol Developers

- Decentralized platform architects

Our Services

- Tax implications of DAO participations and rewards

- Entity financial, accounting and tax structuring

- Compliance guidance for DAO operations (payroll, contractors, clients)

- Fundraising, Mergers, Acquisitions, and Exit strategies

- Treasury management and financial reporting

- Strategic insights on emerging Web3 trends and regulatory shifts

Clients Include


"Embracing Web3 with Darien Advisors by our side made all the difference. Their expertise in this space is unparalleled." - [Client Name]

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