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Aldi Fernandez

Junior Accountant

Aldi is a Junior Accountant at Darien Advisors with over a decade of professional experience working for large-scale national and international companies. She has taken on several analytical roles within these companies, with a main focus on the finance and controlling area. As a travel lover, she considers herslef to be a positive, sociable, joyful, and restless person who enjoys spending time traveling, meeting new people and learning new things.

What do Aldi jam on? The search for new challenges and the motivation to learn new things led her to the world of cryptocurrencies. Although she is still a beginner, she has a great desire to learn and grow in this field.

Education: Aldi has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from National University of Rosario, where she graduated at the top of my class. She also studied for a Master's Degree in Finance and is currently preparing my thesis.

Currently: She has recently relocated to Spain to study for a postgraduate degree in Data Analytics. She is excited to continue expanding her knowledge and skills in this field while also pursuing her love for travel and new experiences.

Aldi Fernandez
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