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Paul Dzhugostran

Junior CPA

Paul is a Junior CPA at Darien Advisors. He is a tax professional with diverse experience ranging from serving entrepreneurs and crypto traders at his firm CTC Accounting & Tax to complying with SEC regulations at JetBlue Airways. He was first introduced to crypto in 2020 through Bitcoin and Ethereum. Since then, his passion for crypto has grown through NFT trading and Defi.

Paul believes blockchain technology represents the future, but proper regulation and compliance are needed for widespread adoption.

When he's not checking the floor price on his own NFT collections, Paul loves listening to good music and traveling.

What does Paul jam on? NFTs, Generative Digital Art, Aviation and Marathons.

Education: Paul is a Florida state licensed Certified Public Accountant (#AC60196) and has a MS in Taxation and BBA in Accounting from CUNY Baruch College.

Paul Dzhugostran
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